“I know all the words, but still have no idea what it means to chase waterfalls nor why I shouldn’t do it.” – We Dream of Travel

Zoe Falls

the star of hinchinbrook

If you are looking for stunning waterfalls that truly captivate the mind and soul, then Zoe Falls is just for you.

If there is a destination on Hinchinbrook thats natural beauty draws you into wanting it more, it is Zoe Falls.

Voted as one of Australia’s bucklist destinations, Zoe Falls plummets into a deep blue tropical rainforest lined swimming hole, easily accessible from Zoe Bay.  Making it perfect for families and individuals of all fitness levels.

If you’re seeking the incredible views and wish to experience the famous infinity plunge pools then you’ll need to climb to the top.  The trail to the top of Zoe Falls follows the Thorsborne Trail; however be aware it is steep and requires an above average fitness level.  


“With meditation, I found a ledge above the waterfall of my thoughts.” – Mary Pipher



Our guided walks were developed for the sole purpose of being able to experience Zoe Falls with the confidence of being with our local guide.

From the beginning of the short 30min boat ride across to Zoe bay, your guide will take you on a journey of discovery.  

We will not just ensure a safe journey, but an enjoyable one rich in history. 

It’ll be fun, comfortable, informative, inspiring, soul enriching and we’ll be there every step of the way.

Be strong enough to face the world each day. Be weak enough to know you cannot do everything alone. - Anonymous


From Lucinda to Zoe Bay, we will take you on an unforgettable journey of discovery.

From the outset, your guide will give you an informative lesson rich in local history.  Showing you the significance of individual man made and natural landmarks.

Upon departure you will immediately be in ore of the infamous Lucinda sugar loading jetty and the northern island of the Palm Island group as its back drop.

As you travel along the eastern edge of Hinchinbrook Island you will take in natural landmarks on the island such as Georges Pt & the top of Mulligan falls.


Prior to entering the jaw dropping beach of Zoe Bay our guide will stop at Captain Cook’s, Pt Hillock to give a brief snapshot or the islands indigenous and European past.

Being such a beautiful landmark and two thirds the way to Zoe Falls it also provides the perfect opportunity to sit, take a deep breath and really digest the short boat trip and maybe slip a couple of photos in for the album.

Upon completion we will take you into Zoe Bay where you will immediately be blown away by the rich tropical rainforest and amazing white sandy beach which sits beneath the rugged backdrop of Mt Bowen.


Upon approaching the beach and rounding the rock fringed point leading into South Zoe Creek you will get your first glimpse of the top of Zoe Falls.

Our guide will drop you at the beach, anchor the vessel and after giving a short safety brief will begin the short 900m walk beneath the canopy of the dense tropical rainforest.

During the 900m walk you will be given some interesting information about the local flora and fauna on the island while marvelling at an Australia brush-turkey nest or potentially greeting the resident lace monitor.

Once completing probably the biggest obstacle of the walk, the creek crossing, you will begin to hear the roar of Zoe Falls.


Time to take it all in!  You will arrive at the pool below the falls and immediately forget about the anything to do with the outside world.

With little or no phone reception you will sit, swim or stare at the beauty of this amazing place.

The ambience, the smell, the sounds will sooth the soul and bring to back to earth.

But, the journey is not over!  for the brave or those seeking the most picturesque places on the planet.

After a short 10-15min walk up a fairly steep incline you will find yourself indulging in the pure fresh Hinchinbrook water in the natural infinity pool over looking Zoe Bay.

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