Action : Fast

Recommended Line: 15-30lb

Lure Weight 30-80g

American Tackle K frame guides

Custom Hook Keeper

This unique action is suitable for a BIG FISH application, aimed at providing a specialist option for grinding away, slow rolling larger soft plastics, swimbaits or spinnerbaits.  These lure fishing techniques are extremely popular in freshwater impoundments, but was design with both salt and fresh water applications in mind.

Similar to the ‘LivePrawner’, the ‘SP SlowRoller’ has an ideal length allowing for long casts in open waters such as lakes and estuaries, but a fast action to give the angler an intimate feel through the tip. 

At 6’8 in length, it not to long to allow the angler to keep the rod tip low and stay in touch with the bottom.  Ideal for a freshwater river and lake targets of murray cod or saltwater estuary/impoundment species such as barramundi, threadfin salmon & jew .

The Westofish range of rods are custom built in Australia by highly respected rod builder Aaron McKell, ACM Custom Rods.  Each rod is designed and handcrafted of highest-quality components on a ‘Revelation’ series of blanks and is finished with the Westosfish’s signature style orange/blue bindings & Camofish pattern x-firm EVA grips.


*Each rod is personally used by Westo and all clients on a Westofish Sportfishing Charters.


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