Action : Fast

Recommended Line: 10-17lb

Lure Weight 4-14g

American Tackle K frame guides

Custom Hook Keeper

This rod designed for one purpose in mind, and a favourite style of Westo’s! Snag Bashing hard bodies through dense, rugged timber.  However, is the perfect crossover to effectively fish smaller finesse styles lures for freshwater lake and river species where accuracy is essential.  

The ‘SnagBasher’ is also ideal for a range of species including freshwater river and lake targets of Australian bass, sooty grunter or golden perch. Saltwater estuary species such as juvenile barramundi, mangrove jacks or bream.

The length of the ‘SnagBasher’  allowing for casting in tight country such as narrow, densely vegetated tributaries,  from a boat or on foot.

The Westofish range of rods are custom built in Australia by highly respected rod builder Aaron McKell, ACM Custom Rods.  Each rod is designed and handcrafted of highest-quality components on a ‘Revelation’ series of blanks and is finished with the Westosfish’s signature style orange bindings & Camofish pattern x-firm EVA grips.


*Each rod is personally used by Westo and all clients on a Westofish Sportfishing Charter.  


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