Westofish ‘BOOF’ Prawn


Westofish ‘BOOF’ Prawn

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The Westofish ‘BOOF’ Prawn is designed to conceal the point of the hook allowing it to be fished in the heaviest of cover..  An in-built rattle provides extra sonics, effectively ringing the food bell.  The unique soft body, moving legs, lumo eyes and segmented tail provide a lifelike look, feel & action making these the most versatile lures on the market for a variety of Australian impoundment, estuary & offshore species.

The ‘BOOF ‘ Prawn can be rigged on the supplied weighted weedless worm hook, a conventional jig head and or with the ‘Westo Stinger Rig’, covering all fishing situations you’re presented with.

All colours are exclusive to Westofish and have been chosen for optimal contrast and effectiveness, basically making them irresistible.

This style of fishing is easily Westo’s personal favourite, accounting for hundreds of his barra over a long period of time.  These colours are dynamite and have proven themselves during the short time in Westo’s tackle box.

* Link to rigging the Westo Stinger Rig:  https://youtu.be/KRgEnJmCffs


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