As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is”.  Right?

At Wild Hinchinbrook Adventures we are passionate about giving back to the wonderful community that heavily supports us and allows us to do what we do, in showcasing this magic area.

Although we love to give, we are very selective in the sponsorship and donations we provide ensuring that the focus of the event, group, team or individual is supporting and benefiting the local or visiting community.  We are proud to have provided donation or support to many local events, fund raisers, sporting teams and clubs.  

This page is definitely not a “look at us” page, but one which we can keep our followers or visitors up to date with the success as a result of our support or donation and a way of raising awareness for some of the awesome charitable cause we support to hopefully generate some interest and potentially more kindness.

“It’s easier to take than to give. It’s nobler to give than to take. The thrill of taking lasts a day. The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime. Joan Marques


With the ocean being at the core of our business since the beginning and Ben being a veteran we thought there would be no better beneficiary for 2023 of our Containers for Change fund raising program than Reeling Veterans. 

Reeling Veterans grew from a really simple idea. Reaching out to veterans and asking “would you like to go fishing?” The primary aim was to provide a comfortable, non sterile environment which may help them to have a chat, open up, clear their head and/or quite simply just get them out of the house. 

Unfortunately due the the nature of our business and hygiene requirements bottles and cans are a necessity. So, after some thought we came up with the idea of donating all funds raised through recycling our can’s and bottles as a part of the Containers for Change Program to a non for profit organisation.

So, in partnership with MAM’s Group we established a business ID to keep track of funds raised to donate back to Reeling Veterans at the resumption of 2023.







With the ocean being at the core of our business since the beginning, we thought there would be no better beneficiary of some form of internal fund raising than Ingham Coast Guard.  Coast Guard do amazing things and are a 100% non for profit organisation held together with an amazing group of volunteers.

Unfortunately due the the nature of our business and hygiene requirements bottles and cans are a necessity. So, after some thought we decided to donate all funds raised through recycling our can’s and bottles as a part of the Containers for Change Program.







Gold Sponsor

The Taylor Beach Family Fishing Classic is a great, family friendly competition that is organised by a motivated group of volunteers who are the heart of Taylors Beach.

This competition is really focused on one core thing that is dear to our heart and that is encouraging the kids to participate.  The representaion of kids at this competition is indeed impressive and no kid goes away empty handed ensuring the fire continues to burn in their belly.


Silver Sponsor

A locally organised and hosted rodeo that heavily encourages local young talent & also features a Charity Bull Ride.

The Charity Bull Ride encourages volunteer riders to tempt fate and ride for a charity.

The Ingham Sugar City Rodeo also has the Will Murdoch Memorial Junior Bull Ride in memory of young Will.


10 local mum’s pushed a wheelbarrow 140 kilometres along the iconic ‘Wheelbarrow Way’ between Mareeba and Chillagoe as part of the Great Wheelbarrow Race, raising funds for local charity Ingham Palliative Care.

Kelly Murdoch, is among the ten-strong team of mums pushing the wheelbarrow in honour of her son, who was only 12 years old when he was tragically killed after his ATV Side by Side rolled in a cane paddock at Long Pocket, west of Ingham, just over a year ago.

These band of local ladies and support crew to date have raised nearly $40k contributing to Ingham Pallative Care.

We donated a Wild Hinchinbrook Adventure to the value of $1,000 as a prize for the MONSTER RAFFLE.

If you would like to make a kind donation, here are our bank account details. All of the proceeds go to
Name: Wheelin for Willy
BSB: 084 629
Account No: 310330443
Please leave your name as a reference!


These girls had passion and ambition.  

All under the age of 15, these young ladies stood up and played in the Senior Women’s B Division in the Ingham Netball association competition. Not only did they compete, they won the Grand Final against experienced competition.

My daughter Akayla tirelessly designed a dress and shirt for the team to look the part throughout the season and asked for my (Ben) input in facilitating the team clothing.

I partnership with Hip Pocket Workwear, Ingham we covered the cost of the uniforms for the girls and they did not just themselves, but us proud as sponsors.


The Simple Gift of a Bag is a non for profit organisation headed up by Sandra and supported by a wonderful group of volunteer sewers how fabricate bags for patients who have just completed breast cancer surgery.

These bags are donated to patients all over the country to give them a place to store their drainage bags post surgery providing them with some dignity as they move around the hospital and community.

Sandra came to us thinking small for a prize to raise funds for simple items like material, cotton & to cover such costs as postage.

Well, we don’t think small so in collaboration with Lucinda Hotel we provided a 2 night stay, food package and a Wild Hinchinbrook Adventure to the value of $1,000.

Sandra raised over $5,000, the largest amount ever raised and said that it would support the group covering larger overheads like insurances and all of the items listed above.

Peninsula Snapper Challenge

The Spotters Peninsula Snapper Challenge, Port Phillip Bay & Westernport’s most sustainable, innovative & exciting fishing competition.

Our unique format allows catch & release optioned angling in both Port Phillip Bay & Westernport over the 9 day event window.

We had organiser David Glennie onboard for a 2 day Hinchinbrook Channel Sportfishing Adventure and he pitched to me The Spotters Peninsula Snapper Challenge, a competition near and dear to his heart.

David is a massive fan and regular visitor on the Hinchinbrook region and for a sponsorship to come into fruition it has to support the Hinchinbrook Region.  So again, in partnership with Lucinda Hotel we put together the ultimate Hinchinbrook Fishing Adventure with 6 night accommodation and 5 days barra fishing as a major prize for this competition.

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